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    It is all about the art. I have been  painting for as long as I can remember. The art has always been a part of my world. I am a self-taught artist and every day I learn new things. 

   The summer of 2015 I was in a junk yard and found a large sheet of copper. After a good bit of negotiating I traded a truck for the copper. The copper is something that I have always been drawn to. I started researching trying to learn how to paint on the copper. I will keep my secret as to how I get the paint to stick but let’s just say my local hardware is my favorite place.  

    After I created a few pieces the next step was to find the perfect way to display the pieces. I have always love nature and the Deadhead Cypress seemed to be the perfect answer. The deadhead is dredged from the Choctawhatchee River bottom. The pieces that I use are the outside pieces and would have been thrown in the burn pile.

   All of this together allows me to create a one of a kind piece of art. Each piece is created by hand and coated in a resin sealer so that the copper will remain unchanged in texture and color.  


 Annette Taunton

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